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Swatch colors for attributes other than Color


I have two types of attributes for my products: 1) color and 2) finish. Finish includes things like “aluminum” or “teak.”

I have color swatches for all the colors of my products, but some products don’t have colors, per se. They just have finishes. And we need the finish attribute so visitors can search by finish instead of color.

My problem is that when I go to “Configure terms” for the Finish attibute, there is no option to create a color. And now for products that only have finishes, the swatch that appears is just an empty circle with the finish name over it (e.g., “aluminum”). How can I use a color for the finish swatches instead of the empty circle? Thanks!

Ahmed Ehsaan

Hi Michael,

Actually, We are on the vacation now, we can fix this issue on 16th September returning at office.

Which theme you are using?

Thank you