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Variation product images not loaded in translations

Ward Haarsma

I am a webdesigner/contractor working on my client’s (Bambook) website at their request. Because I can explain in more technical detail, my client has asked me to open the support ticket, and explain what is going wrong.

We have a setup with Variation Swatches for WooCommerce, combined with Divi theme & builder and WPML. The problem is that on translated pages, the product variations should be displayed as images / text (one with images, one with text). This works perfectly well on the default language, but not on the translations. If I look in the page code using the browser Developer, I see that the UL is loaded properly, but the LI items within it are not loaded at all.

What I notice, is that when I activate the default 2020 theme instead of Divi, the images/texts are actually loaded properly initially, but when the page is fully finished loading, the items are missing again.

We have made a copy of the website, so we can test whatever is necessary.

An example of the default language page where it all works properly:


And the translation, where as you can see the items next to COVER and SIZE are not loaded at all:


Can you help us solve this issue? I will provide WP login credentials below for the test website. I currently do not have FTP access available, but will set it up if that is needed.

Thank you!
Kind regards,
Boris Hoekmeijer

[email protected]


Tanvirul Haque

Hello Ward Haarsma,

This site can’t be reached, please see this https://prnt.sc/rmxanu


Ward Haarsma

Hello Tanvirul,

sorry, we had a webserver issue just as you were trying to connect. It’s fixed now, can you try again?

Kind regards,

Boris Hoekmeijer

Ward Haarsma

Hello Tanvirul,
I have done some testing this morning:

disabled all WPML plugins
copy product, test on frontend: 100% okay.
enabled all WPML plugins
translated product to English and German
In both translations, the variable product images for Cover and Formaat/Sizes are not included, as I stated in the opening of this ticket.

Ahmed Ehsaan

Hello ward,

Could you fix this error: https://www.loom.com/share/47822f02e33648f1ba5568218a159d0c

I guess, the error blocking the plugin script.

Thank you very much.

Ward Haarsma

Hello Ahmed,

thanks for looking into the issue. I have seen the error you mean. It looks like it is Divi-related. I have searched for it, but couldn’t find any matches with the same problem.

I therefore had a look a the same page on the live website (bambook.org) to see if the error iss there as well. It isn’t. However, I did notice some other errors on the product translation page. These may be the cause of issues when duplicating the page for translation. I will look into that and let you know. Thanks so far, for putting me on that train of thought.
Kind regards,