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After updating to 1.0.77, products with 4 or more swatches marked out of stock

Anita Dungey

Note: To use the links below, you’ll need the staging site login, which is in the ticket Additional Info section.

After updating Variation Swatches to 1.0.77, a major problem appeared: For some variable products, when you select an attribute, all attributes are marked as out of stock (or, in the case of dropdowns, simply removed from the list), as you can in the following screen captures:

Out of Stock 1
Product: https://www.staging2.auburndirect.com/shop/a-tail-we-could-wag-side-release-dog-collar/

Out of Stock 2
Product: https://www.staging2.auburndirect.com/shop/rolled-collar/

As far as I can tell, this only affects products with 4 or more swatches. Variable products with 3 or fewer swatches work fine. Here’s one example: https://www.staging2.auburndirect.com/shop/martingale-collar-rolled-leather/

To diagnose the problem, I set up a staging site to update plugins one at a time, and it was only after updating Variation Swatches that the issue occurred.

Tanvirul Haque

Hello Anita Dungey,

Please see this https://prnt.sc/rllkq7, could you share your site sign in credential?


Tanvirul Haque

Hello Anita,

Please, update your plugins to the latest version. Free – 1.0.78 & Pro – 1.0.47

The issue should be fixed.

Let me know how it goes.


Anita Dungey

I updated the plugins, and so far, so good. Thank you!

Tanvirul Haque

Hi Anita,

I am marking this ticket as resolved.

Thank you