Your plugin seems to be perfect, but the option for minimum order quantity is missing.

We are selling Tote Bag, our minimum quantity for order is 100 pcs.

Please can you suggest me a solution to make me able to buy your plugin ?

Best regards


Shamser Suzon

Hello Thierry FRANCOIS,

Our plugin is not related to the ‘Minimum Quantity’ functionality. Our swatches plugin will just replace your default variation dropdown and some beatiful swatches will appear there.

I hope you understand.


As you asked me by email, find below the same text, just copy and past

I’m sorry but your answer was in my question, so your answer doesn’t help, because you just told me the thing that I know already.

Maybe my question was unclear, then there is is a new one question asked in a different way :

I will not buy your plugin if you don’t want let me know the solution about the minimum quantity !


Your plugin concern the same area zone for the minimum quantity, you are professional and I am sure you know ho to solve it, insert something in function.php, plugin, that’s easy for you to answer and help…


Ahmed Ehsaan

Hi Thierry,
Could you show me any example?
Thank You


We are selling only for Professional, the minimum quantities for order are 100pcs minimum.

We cannot buy one plugin for “Size”, one for “color”, one for “quantities” ! it doesn’t makes sense !

It will makes sense if your plugin can manage the 3 options, and this is will give more value comparing with your compĂ©titors and give you more customers…

The best way would be like this website https://latelierdutotebag.com/sacs-en-tissu/tote-bags-personnalises/sac-eco-a-anse-longue/

Thank you for your understanding


Thanks for your answer

Have you checked the compatibility with your Plugin ?

Thank you

So to conclude, manage quantities will not be add in your plugin, and you recommend me to use one plugin that you haven’t tested.

If you are satisfied, you can close this ticket !


Tanvirul Haque

Hello Thierry,

You are right, at this moment this feature is not available in our plugin, but it’s a great idea, I’ll discuss this feature with my team and if it is possible we will make it available.