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Support is VERY mediocre.

I am writing to say that the support for ticket  – https://getwooplugins.com/ticket/28944/

has been Worse than bad.

Not only the reply Shamser Suzon was very hasty…. but has been TOTALLY WRONG and damaged me.

I also asked an update on another ticket (https://getwooplugins.com/ticket/28946/ ) where i asked the state of the updated promised months ago.

Again Shamser Suzon was very hasty, and again his reply was wrong, this time damaging Getwooplugins with wrong information.

I asked a thing for my client and the reply made us to rething ALL our shop… hours of work.

then today i discovered the option

“Generate sharable url based on selected variation attributes.”

which is exactly what I asked…

Now I understand you are only 3 people, but why don’t you take a bit more time to read the reply? Bad answers are not gonna help the reputation of the plugin ( which is wonderful by the way) and are not saving extra time coz now on I will ask all the question twice or three times

What is the point of Ahmed Ehsaan being a Chief Happiness Engineer if you don’t even care to read the questions?

At the moment I am way more than angry.

3 days of work, excuses to my client… and all coz my ticket got dismissed without a read.



Ahmed Ehsaan

HI there,

I apologize for that. Actually, we are moving to new office that’s I get seldom time to moderate tickets

If you need any quick support, drop me line here: [email protected]

Thank You

Ahmed, I can understand and I was not poiting at you… you have been very nice with providing your private email.
I don’t need (and I don’t find fair) to have special shortcut to answer, so i am not gonna use that.

I also understand that i cannot expect a reply in 12 hours… but what I expect is the RIGHT answer.

My point was: take your time to reply  so people will not ask 10 times the same question.

good work