Plugin Breaks Divi

I am using Divi to develop my website, I recently added your variation swatches plugin and variation gallery plugin. I have come to discover the variation swatches plugin causes an issue with the divi theme builder and when I try and edit and layouts I have developed it goes into and endless loop and never loads. If I go into safe mode and disable all my plugins, there is no issue. I also disabled all plugins and enabled one at a time and the cause of the issue is the variation swatches plugin. Your variation gallery plugin is ok, just the swatches that causes the issue. Want to see what we can do to make the plugin work so I can use it as I recenly purchased the pro version of the plugin.

You can use this to login…


Shamser Suzon

Hi Paul De Lagrave,

Could you record me reproducing your issue using tool like this?
It helps me to quickly figure out issue and squash it with immediately.

Thank you

Ahmed Ehsaan

Hi Paul,

Can you please give us a temporary admin access to your site? We’ll try to investigate the issue for you.

You can add new users by going to Users > Add New set the user and password for us, set the role to admin and set the info here.

And add your site URL, login username, and password in the site login area. Follow this guideline:

Hope to hear from you soon!

Ahmed Ehsaan

Could you check your builder now.