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Swatch image does not auto pull the variation image

all of our product pages are not auto grabbing variation images for the swatch icon. The video you sent me showed it working but we can’t get it to work. Thanks

Ahmed Ehsaan

HI Erik,

Try to update your premium version We have currently 38 version, you are using 36 version.

Thank You

We’re getting close but have another issue. Whenever a variation is out of stock it removes the image and replaces with a text-box instead of graying it out like we have set up. Two different examples:

Product with 2 attributes as variation (size, color)

Select color, then size. If selected color (let’s say black) is sold out in size (say medium), then medium grays out. But if ALL sizes of black are sold out, then the image for black disappears and it is replaced with a text box. We want the image to remain on screen but grayed out. As a workaround – we are able to go to swatch settings on product and change from “select” to image then upload the image (though this was supposed to be the automated piece by grabbing the variation image).

See example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ytz8p1ge11qxbu5/Screen%20Shot%202019-11-11%20at%205.56.51%20PM.png?dl=0

Product with one attribute as variation (color only)

If the color is sold out, instead of graying out the image, it shows up as a text label box.

See example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ecsfptg2ulchfep/Screen%20Shot%202019-11-11%20at%205.52.54%20PM.png?dl=0

What I think would be the BEST fix / setup

I mentioned this before, but if you could consider developing the plugin in a way where instead of adding the variation image to EVERY variation (i.e adding black to s, m, l, xl, xxl…then every other color to those (which makes for a LOT of selecting variable images) is to have you plugin Swatch settings OVERRIDE the variation image. This way when I have variable products (lets say black, white, red, yellow, green and XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL) I could just go to the product swatch settings, and select an image for the colors- black, white, red, yellow and green and those auto apply to ALL sizes. That means I would go from having to select 30 images to just selecting 5. THAT WOULD BE A HUGE time save!!!!

Just wanted to reiterate how great this feature would be if it could be added. Thanks for your time and consideration! Let me know if there are any other fixes in the mean time for our issues we are having.

Shamser Suzon

Hello Erik Quick-Warner,

Your login detail is not working.


Shamser Suzon

Hi Erik Quick-Warner,

I couldn’t reproduce your issue.

Could you record me reproducing your issue using tool like this? https://www.useloom.com
It helps me to quickly figure out issue and squash it with immediately.

Thank you

Hi Shamser,

Please try logging in via admin and you can find the two products I’m talking about.

Beanie product: https://publicstreetwear.com/shop/accessories/hats/rbw-beanie/

Shirt product: https://publicstreetwear.com/shop/test/andrew-test-champion-script-ink-tee/

You’ll see exactly the issues we mentioned we were having (images below again for reference)

Product with 2 attributes as variation (size, color) – view image

Product with one attribute as variation (color only) – view image

Like I was mentioning earlier. This happens when have everything set up to grab the variation image automatically.

I can’t say it enough- it would be a huge, huge huge time saver if we could just upload in the swatch settings per product and have WooCommerce automatically select those images for the variation image instead of having to add the same image to every size variation that has the same color.

Currently we have to do this.

Would be amazing if it worked like this.

If it worked this way, it would also solve our current problem of the variation image not showing up if an item is sold out. When it is set to the default (select) and have the image replace the dropdown- it works until the item is out of stock. Then the image doesn’t show and we get the word label popping up instead. If we set it to Image and add an image, it shows up even when it’s out of stock. So if the swatch images could automatically become the variation image through WooCommerce, we’d be solving the problem AND saving time which would be amazing!!

Thanks again for taking the time to look into this and listen to our feedback. Let me know if you think this is a possibility to work into the plugin.


Shamser Suzon

Hello Erik Quick-Warner,

if the swatch images could automatically become the variation image through WooCommerce, we’d be solving the problem AND saving time which would be amazing!!

Basically, this is not in our hands. This functionality is handled by the WooCommerce itself. We can pull the variation image automatically to our swatch image but the swatch image cannot be pulled as variation image. I hope you understand.

Regarding the text display (instead of the swatch image) when it is out of stock – Could you send us the latest version of the theme that you are using on your site. We’ll try to investigate your issue by installing your theme on our local setup.

You can upload the theme file in Dropbox or Google Drive and send the download link here directly.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you

Regarding the request:

if the swatch images could automatically become the variation image through WooCommerce, we’d be solving the problem AND saving time which would be amazing!!

I understand. I was hoping that maybe there was a way the plugin could be developed that would overwrite the WooCommerce settings. Here is an example of a plugin that does it: https://www.smart-variations.com/smart-variations-images-pro/ . It allows you to upload images (or image gallery) based on the color attribute instead of having to upload to EVERY variation of that color attribute. I guess this is just a feature request and if it is possible through this plugin it would make a WONDERFUL addition and a great all-in-one solution!

Here’s link to our latest theme install: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1hxwrfsgziy5v2c/themeforest-1veOzXKm-shopkeeper-ecommerce-wp-theme-for-woocommerce.zip?dl=0


We went ahead and bought Smart Variaition Images plugin and it’s getting us very close. The only thing that isn’t working now is that when we add the images via their plugin to have say all the Teal and all the white and don’t load anything to your plugin, it cannot pull the image of each variation (I’m guessing b/c it can’t find it b/c it’s not in the variation section). Is there a way it can look globally to see what the image variation image is and pull the first one?

Here is a test: https://publicstreetwear.com/shop/mens/x-large-always-l-s/

We uploaded Teal and White via the SVI plugin. But on the front end, your plugin doesn’t recognize those as the variation images so it makes the variation image TEAL for both the teal and the white.

Shamser Suzon

Hello Erik Quick-Warner,

As you have already shifted to another plugin, so can I close the ticket now?


No we are still using your plugin was just hoping you could look into if there’s a way to make the variation pull from our svi upload since woo commerce pulls it in. Also need help on the load more ticket I sent in as that still isn’t working.
thank you!


That is the feature we are trying to use, but instead of uploading images to each individual product they are uploading them using SVI (which allows us to for example set variations for ALL white no matter size instead of having to upload white for XS, S, M, L, XL). We are hoping we can make your plugin see that variation image that is being uploaded via SVI to help prevent duplicate work so we do not have to go back into the variations tab to add the images or into the Swatch Settings tab to add them (have them still use the “select” and auto pull the image).

Shamser Suzon

Hello Erik Quick-Warner,

These are variation gallery images: http://prntscr.com/q5l2ji – These are not your variations’ main image.

This is your variation’s main image: http://prntscr.com/q5l3m6 – This will appear in the big gallery image when you click the variation swatch. This is the process of how WooCommerce works. You have to assign images here and it will pull the image automatically to your swatch image. I hope you are clear now.

You have to proceed in this way. Otherwise, there is no alternative right now. Even, no other plugin can offer you any alternative.


Okay. Well if there is ever a future integration possible let us know. That would be great!

Shamser Suzon

Hello Erik Quick-Warner,

Can I please, close the ticket now, Sir?