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As we have speek before purchasing the plug-in I would like to hide the options until hoover over the product.

I’ll put below the conversation we have had (for beeing efficient).

With the CSS Code sent in your last email, we have achieved the desired result on home page, but in the category page, there is needed something more.

I’ll give you the credentials, but please put the css code into the “advance section” under “theme options”. That way I’ll copy and keep it secure in case of a major theme update.

Please advise,

Best regards,

Dragos S


Remove the css and open a ticket here: https://getwooplugins.com/my-tickets

One of our team member will join to fix it.


On Wed, Jul 25, 2018 at 3:51 PM Dragos Sclifos <[email protected]> wrote:


Thank you for your quick reply.

The CSS code you have sent me works OK on home page.

But there is a problem:

on the category page it is hidden by the second row of product or it’s getting over the footer section.

Check here:


and see the enclosed attachments.

Please give me some additional css code for that area.

Many thanks,

Dragos Sclifos

On 25-Jul-18 12:41, Ahmed Ehsaan wrote:
Try this CSS

.woocom-project .variations {
.woocom-project:hover .variations {
On Wed, Jul 25, 2018 at 3:17 PM Dragos Sclifos <[email protected]> wrote:


No news from you, can you help me with the below request?

Thank you very much,

Dragos Sclifos

On 23-Jul-18 09:29, Dragos Sclifos wrote:


I’ve bought the plug-in on Friday; Order #2273 (July 20, 2018).

1. Please send me the css code that hide the options section until hoover with mouse over the product(as in your video  https://www.useloom.com/share/5ef00806a0b547308ccf08f202314462)

Here you have the credentials to access the site.

URL: http://cloudnet.ro/oshkosh/wp-admin

User: siteadmin

Pass: ~1Zaqxswcde

2. How should I manage the license code? Right now, the site is under development on a test server, when it’s done it will be ported to a new domain and server. Should I enter the license code on test server or when the site will be at the final destination.

Thank you,

Dragos Sclifos

On 10-Jul-18 16:22, Ahmed Ehsaan wrote:
Okey, Purchase it first and then get back to me with your site details.

Thank You

Kaiser mahmud

Hello Dragos Sclifos,

Please check now 🙂


Right now everything seems to be OK.

One more thing:

Where do you put the css code. I do not want to loose the setting in case of  a theme update or if I restore the website from an old back-up.

Or at least  send me the code in order to save it for future reference.


Dragos S

Kaiser mahmud

Hello Dragos Sclifos,

Check here Theme Options => Advance => Custom CSS

.woo-variation-swatches-pro .woocom-project .wvs-archive-variation-wrapper .variations{

.woo-variation-swatches-pro .woocom-project .wvs-archive-variation-wrapper{

.woo-variation-swatches-pro .woocom-project:hover .wvs-archive-variation-wrapper{
background: #fff;
position: absolute;
bottom: 20px;

.woo-variation-swatches-pro .woocom-project:hover .woo-buttons{
position: relative;


Thank you very much, now everything is OK.

Have a great day.

Dragos S