I have a field group with:

– plug start (Radio required – prices without tax)
– plug end (Radio required – prices without tax)

This ist for all products in an category.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-09-10 um 12.11.22.png

The product ist a variable product for the length (meters and centimeters).

Under settings I give them also custom Fields
– hole meter (ganze meter)
– added centimeter (zusätzliche Zentimeter)

Bildschirmfoto 2019-09-10 um 12.13.34.png

On the Variants. I set the price for 1 meter and 0 centimeter (variant matrix) to 1,07€ (fixed – no tax) .

Plugstart price without tax (11,43€)

On the product page I got the correct total price with 14,87€ (with tax)
On the cart, I got the false price 17,46€ (with tax) in stead of the correct price 14,87€ (with tax)

The wrong price 17,46 I think comes from the calculation:
1,07 (no tax) + 13,6 (with tax) = 14,67 (no tax) + 19% ==> 17,46
1,07 (no tax) + 11,43 (NO tax) = 12,50 (no tax) + 19% ==> 14,87

So on the product page it works also with taxes. On the cart there are other results if the tax is on.

the prices for product-page and cart are not the same, and i can not get them with a same result value.

should: 14,87 (RIGHT)
Is: 17,46 (WRONG)

The Product selection:
1. start: default (1. Selection)
2. end: default (1. Selection)
3. length: 1 Meter (this is a fpf combination from “whole meter“=„Ganze Meter” and “added centimeter“=„zusätzliche Zentimeter“)
This link will set the defaults to the written settings: https://profineon.deutschewebdesign.de/produkt/kabeltyp-clf100/?attribute_pa_kabellaengemeter=1-m&attribute_pa_kabellaengezentimeter=00

The prices with tax:
1. 13,60 (1. Stecker)
2. 0 (2. Stecker)
3. 1,27 (1 Meter)

Total (with tax): 14,87 €

If I klick now on the „add to cart“ button, and go to the cart. The price from 14,87 is now 17,46€ (see top)

You can see it:

The Product:

Test: https://profineon.deutschewebdesign.de/produkt/zzz-test-kabeltyp-clf100-kopie/

More Variants: https://profineon.deutschewebdesign.de/produkt/kabeltyp-clf100/

Ahmed Ehsaan

Hi Thomas Walther,

Could you record me reproducing your issue using tool like this? https://www.useloom.com
It helps me to quickly figure out issue and squash it with immediately.

Thank you

Ahmed Ehsaan

Without our plugin, price is getting fixed?

I found the problem. The plugin “Flexible Product Fields Pro” had a tax-bug:


1.2.3 – 2019-09-03
Fixed price display and calculation for various tax settings in WooCommerce


Ahmed Ehsaan

Can I close this ticket?