show variation title when selected

Charis Kaitis


When a swatch is selected on the single product page, is it possible to add just above the swatches  a line such as ‘Color: Black’ (Attribute name and selected attribute). Something like below.

IMG_9258 copy.png

Ahmed Ehsaan

Hi Charis,

Unfortunately, the feature is not currently available. Currently, it shows tooltip. I can add css to to make the selected tooltip visible all the time.

​But your suggestion is a great idea. I’ve added it as feature request. I’ll discuss this feature with my team and make it available with the coming version.


Charis Kaitis

Hi Ahmet,

I am happy to hear that.  When do you think it will be implemented? i have a very difficult client and I need to be able to tell her something about it.

In the meantime can you give me some direction on how to do something like this manually please?

Ahmed Ehsaan

HI there,

Currently, there is no shortcuts way.

You have to go for the custom service. It needs to override your theme single page template for this.

Thank You