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Brian Bates

Hi Guys
How are things?
I hope all has been going well this summer and greetings from Dublin ūüôā
I am having some trouble locating a download for this plug in
I had been in contact with shamser from support previously and cannot locate the original file download fothe plugin itself
If there is anyway there can be any help here I had been in touch previously
www.flycapireland.com is my website and I was recently hacked quite bad so am rebuilding from scratch
I needed a certain version of the plug in to handle a high amount of variations as there is 10 x 10 colours (with images) to edit and 6 sizes so I had contacted you guys previously and was told to purchase the plug in.
If there can be any help provided it would be great but understand this is quite a vague request but I was thinking you can check if my ip or site ip had accessed a downlaod and what it was please?
Thanks in advance and my apologies for this inconvenience.
Best wishes

Ahmed Ehsaan

What email you used to place order in our site?

Brian Bates

Thanks so much for the quick reply guys, really helpful here cheers!

So I cannot find a zip file or reference in my email it is crazy! I am seriously not sure what happened here but I thought it was [email protected] being used. I even received suppoort from Shamser previously regarding some issues I was having please see below email. Are you guys “mmglobaltra” on payment reference?
From:¬†Shamser¬†Suzon <[email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, April 3, 2019 8:56:25 AM
To: brian bates
Subject: Re: Thanks for Trying to Purchase WooCommerce Variation Swatches Plugin

Hi Brian,

Please check plugin conflict. Disable all plugins except WooCommerce and Variation Gallery and then check it

If the issue is not identified, then please send us your theme file.

Thank You,

Shamser Suzon
Support Engineer


Ahmed Ehsaan

Do you have purchase code added in your plugin. If yes, send me the purchase code.

Brian Bates

Hi Ahmed,


Thank you so much for helping again man you are a gentleman, cheers!

No mate I find it highly odd I cannot find anything. I had paid though and I had been using the plug in for a while.


I had been in contact with support and I assure you there is no fowl play here, I literally have screen grabs with the plug in working if you want me to prove (with dates etc) I had owned it previously.


I was in contact with Shamser who provided excellent support (much like yours) and I really need to get my website back up


If there is anyway you can assist , I just need to reinstall again if you can provide me with the download?


All the best for the weekend regardless



Ahmed Ehsaan

Unfortunately, neither of emails found in our system.