When I install WooCommerce Variation Swatches – Pro, the attributes don’t show on many products

Ricardo Alves


If I install WooCommerce Variation Swatches – Pro, the attributes don’t show on many products, unless I open them and specifically state which attribute type I want. I’d do it if I had only a few products, but I’ve got thousands, so it’s not manageable at all.

However, If it’s just the free version installed, it works fine.

I’ve changed the theme to Store Front and it still doesn’t work.

For your information:

  • Currently, I’m working on a staging copy of the real website;
  • I’m only using WooCommerce Variation Swatches – Pro for the size (Tamanhos) attribute;
  • For the “Cor” attribute, I’m using the theme’s functionality;
  • I think there might be an incompatibility with the Redux Framework plugin;
  • Here’s an example of a product where the plugin doesn’t work: https://staging2.universodosapato.com/produto/sandalia-piccadilly-1670612/

Thanks in advance!

Ricardo Alves


Thanks for the fast reply.

Is it working in all of them?

What about these?




And all of the others?

I know it will work if I edit one by one, but as I said before, I can’t do that, because there are thousands of products.

Please, look further into this issue.

Thanks again!

Hi Ricardo,

unless I open them and specifically state which attribute type

Could you record me reproducing your issue using – https://www.useloom.com
It helps me to quickly figure out the issue and squash it with immediately.

Thank you

Ricardo Alves

Hi Ashiquzzaman Kiron,


In the video, I’m trying to show the following topics:

Even though the WooCommerce Variation Swatches attribute type “button” is selected for all products, not all of them show the attribute size buttons – and it appears to be random occurrence;
In the products where the swatches don’t show, that is indeed fixed if I change it directly in the page product or if I disable the WooCommerce Variation Swatches Pro.

As I said before, I can’t go through every single one of the products because I’ve got almost 3000 products at the moment.

Thanks again.

Ricardo Alves

Hi Ashiquzzaman,

They do work, I’m just hiding it with CSS, because I prefer WooCommerce Variation Swatches buttons and functionalities.

As I said in the original ticket:

For the “Cor” attribute, I’m using the theme’s functionality;

For the “Tamanho attribute”, I want WooCommerce Variation Swatches.

But even if I don’t use the theme’s functionality for the “Cor” attribute, WooCommerce Variation Swatches Pro don’t work properly.

I will temporarily remove the code that’s hiding the other variation buttons, but please don’t mistake them for Woocommerce Variation Swatches, as they are very similar…

I recorded a video to differentiate them:

In the first product WooCommerce Variation Swatches isn’t working, but the theme’s variation buttons work;

In the second product both work.


There’s definitely a problem with WooCommerce Variation Swatches PRO.

With only the free WooCommerce Variation Swatches plugin installed the buttons always show, but if I activate the PRO version, there are random products where the buttons don’t work and that has nothing to do with my theme: as I also said before, I checked with Store Front and it still didn’t work.

I also deactivated all plugins aside from Woocommerce and WooCommerce Variation Swatches free and Pro and the only incompatibility there seems to be is with the Redux Framework plugin.

Have you done any tests? Please, pay closer attention to this issue, I’m sure there’s a bug going on.

Let me know if you want me to deactivate the theme and activate Store Front, in order to end this confusion.

Thanks again.


Ahmed Ehsaan

Hi Ricardo,

Try this: https://www.loom.com/share/05c22205f7bf41f68e4c2e75ccbb107d

Thank You

Ricardo Alves

Hi Ahmed,

Have you read my previous replies? (I even have a loom recorded https://www.loom.com/share/67d1339cfa1f4b0fab1601625fc40825 )

I know I can fix it by editing each product individually, but isn’t it supposed to be working by default in all the products if the attribute type is selected in the attribute? It works if it’s the free version.

We have thousands of products and I simply can’t be doing it for all of them, also, it would be another step for the staff who’s posting new products and I certainly don’t want that.

Thanks again.


Ahmed Ehsaan

Hi Ricardo,

Okey, we are running research how to fix it reseting database field.

Thank You

Ricardo Alves


Do you have any news regarding this issue?


Thanks in advance.

Ahmed Ehsaan


This is the details of my development server


Username: themehippo

password: vN(OrDCd8YGo

I couldn’t replicate your issue on my end. Could you reproduce me your issue here?

Thank You