Preview photo not changing on shop page on mobile


I followed the setup guide and everything seems to be working fine but when I’m on my mobile, I’m unable to view the preview of the photo when I select a color swatch on my shop page. On desktop, once I select the color swatch on the shop page, I’m able to see the preview of the product in that color. Could you please take a look and let me know what am I doing wrong?


Thank you in advance.

Hi, Ashiquzzaman.
We are looking at the video and we realize you are having the same issue as all of us on mobile view. We tested out in different browsers using our mobiles an the photo does not change according to the color selected. Could you please take another look? The issue is on mobile view not desktop.


Thank you in advance.

Ahmed Ehsaan

Have you tried without our plugin. Is it happening in your mobile phone without our plugin?

Thank You

Your plugin is the one allowing to have the color variation to be displayed on the shop page. Not sure what’s your question. If I disable your plugin I won’t have the options. See screenshot below from my phone- Viewing the Shop page:

Same thing happens on each single product page on mobile view:

We need a solution as soon as possible. I provided administrator access and ftp access to the website. You should be able to login and troubleshoot the issue. Could you please take a deep look into this and provide a solution to the issue as soon as possible?


I also realized that the product does not carry to the cart page when I’m on mobile.


We really need this fixed as soon as possible. Everything work as it should on desktop. The issue is on MOBILE view.


Please discard this request.