GetWooPlugins Updater

Mark Aventino

Hi. I see “GetWooPlugins Updater” but after click i see message “Plugin not Found”. So I can not install. Licence number entered, domain added.

Mark Aventino

My question was NOT about Licence Key. I can not install Updater Plugin, after Click on link in notification – I see message “Plugin not Found”. So notification exist, but updater plugin can not be instaled. Also only you plugin use separate plugin for updater, it is very strange way.

Shamser Suzon

Hello Mark Aventino,

There is a technical issue for a while regarding this. We are trying to fix it. Untill then, you can update the PRO version by downloading from our website. Do login first and download it from your account.

The basic/free version will be updated from WP repository as like all other plugins. You will have update notification for that whenever any update is available.