Refund request

Hi! I bought the plugin a couple of days ago, but found out that I could not make it work for the project in mind after testing it and went for a plugin from another author is this project and I would like a refund for b5023fd6-b8eb1692-0f7ad380-a75e797b. the plugin is deleted from the website

Best regards


Ashiquzzaman Kiron

Hi Frode Håkonsen,

Could you record me reproducing your issue using tool like this?
It helps me to quickly figure out issue and fix it with immediately.

Thank you

Hi  Ashiquzzaman

As I said I have deleted the plugin already and installed and configured another plugin for this project. The site is currently being transferred to a new hosting server and domain and not awailable as we speak. I have used your plugins before, and will likely use them again on some other projects in the future, but for this particular case it was not suited

Best regards

Ashiquzzaman Kiron

Hi Frode,

You need to at least give me an issue of what went wrong, so that we can help you fix it. If we are unable to help you with that, we’ll issue refund right away. Please check our refund policy –

I’ll talk with our team and let you know about your refund request.

Thank You