Product variation images fail to load when direct link with query color attribute

Hi there,

Most of the plugin seems to work just fine, however there is an issue with the loading of the product variation images when accessed directly by link + attribute query (e.g. /product/ele0033/?attribute_pa_color=color_304). When the “WooCommerce Additional Variation Images Gallery” plugin is deactivated, the product variation images load fine again when accessed directly.

How to reproduce:

When plugin is activated and the url “/product/ele0033/?attribute_pa_color=color_304” is accessed, it shows as following:

On the very same product page, when a different color Orange and then Red again is selected, it does show the images:

When the plugin is deactived the product variant image loads fine when the url is directly loaded with query:

The webshop uses the theme Genesis and “WooCommerce Show Single Variations by Iconic”.

Regarding further communication, I would prefer to keep the clients logo and website address anonymous.

Ashiquzzaman Kiron

Hi Vincent,

I’ve made this ticket private, The information you share in this thread will be only accessible to our staff.

About the issue, Could you try disabling all your plugins except WooCommerce and our Variation Gallery image and then reactivate them one by one and see which one is causing the issue.

If plugin deactivation doesn’t work, please share with us your theme file. You can upload your theme on Dropbox/Google Drive and share with the download link.

Could you tell me how you have configured  the product attribute url?

Thank You