Fly Out Cart No Longer Working

Jason Toyer

Hi there,

I’ve recently installed Variation Swatches Pro. Initially I had the non pro version up and running.

I’ve also got another plugin that gives me the ability to use a fly out cart when I add a product to cart. (

The fly out cart now doesnt open automatically when I click on “Add to Cart” using the pro plugin, and only opens if I click the cart icon manually.

We went with the pro version so that we could have the option to have variation images change when a variation is selected.

If you could help in any way that would be great thanks, as that fly out cart opening automatically when a product is added is a really important feature of our client’s site.

Kind regards,


Ahmed Ehsaan

Hi Jason Toyer,

Could you record me reproducing your issue using tool like this?
It helps me to quickly figure out issue and squash it with immediately.

Thank you

Jason Toyer

Hi Ahmed,

Thanks for your reply. I’ve actually did a workaround by triggering the fly-in-cart with JS when add to cart is clicked.