Want To Duplicate Product Variations With Its Price, Image, SKU and etc? Download This Free Plugin

Problema con plugin

Hello I attached the video that shows that the access is correct and there is no problem to enter.

I do not know what may be happening


Ahmed Ehsaan

Hi Juan,

Thanks for reaching us.

We have spent about 200+ hours to develop this Free plugins for the community. We are still working to improve it for you and developers in WooCommerce community.

We’ve released this plugin adding detailed support and fixes so that our plugin can work smoothly with popular themes and plugin in the industry. And we are still adding support of more themes and plugin with this Free swatches plugin.

We always welcome your bug report and feature request and we appreciate for this as well. I believe, it supports your theme perfectly. Even we have created a complete documentation to setup this plugin with your theme here: https://getwooplugins.com/documentation/woocommerce-variation-swatches/

But sometimes it may behave inconsistently because of your own custom CSS and customization. So, when you are here in our support asking for your personalized customization and fixes, it costs us time. Time costs us money. When we spend our time in providing technical support for personalized customization, we won’t get time to work for new plugin feature.

For this reason, our support policy for free plugin users don’t include technical support for custom fixes or theme based customized fixes. In this case, I recommend you to purchase premium version of this plugin:  https://getwooplugins.com/plugins/woocommerce-variation-swatches

We’ve a dedicated team appointed to help premium users. The team helps you to completely setup the plugin with your theme and offers code for simple custom fixes.

Hopefully, you have understood.

Thank you