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swatches customisation

Hi. I bought the plugin – variation swatches, and it works well. However, I have several issues:
1. The “clear” element is always shown on archive pages, whether is checked or unchecked in the admin area (I am not using caching plugin). How to make it not to be shown?
2. The name of the attribute is also shown in archive pages, before the swatches. How to make it disappear or customize it (size, placement).
3. When I activate the woocommerce “ad to cart” button on archive and single product pages, the whole composition of several elements activates (quantity field, variation swatches, add to cart button…) and I cannot manipulate the position/size of any of them individually. Can you recommend me some good pro/paid plugin, with which I would be able to manipulate those elements like “add to cart” button, and “quantity selection field” (rearrange them, customize their size etc…).
4. In your demo page for variation swatches plugin, I saw a well done “quick buy” feature on archive pages. Can you recommend me which plugin is that?
5. At your site, at the product pages for “add to cart redirect plugin” (https://getwooplugins.com/plugins/woocommerce-add-to-cart-redirect/), when I scroll almost to the bottom of the page, an element slides from above with product info, price and buy button. Can you tell me how can I make the same for my single product page on my woocommerce site? if it is possible to be done with a plugin and which plugin is that?
Best Regards
p.s. I use beaver builder theme, plugin and themer plugin.

Ahmed Ehsaan

Hi there,

4. We’ve used OceanWP theme in our demo, it’s the feature of theme. But you can find Quick View plugin in WordPress.org.
5. The topbar we have developed for our own. If you want it, we can develop it as custom development.

Thank you


thanks for the hint, I updated the plugin. Now I hope you can help me,

best Regards,

Ahmed Ehsaan

Hello Aleksandar Popov,

  1. Clear button is not coming from our plugin. Could you try to disable our plugin and try?