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Variations not working

Hi, I’m having a trouble with the plugin, I have an Image Attribute, when I set the images for both, they do appear on the product, but above them, there is the select input

you can see the Skin select here: https://www.onthemarqjumpsuit.com/product/otm-jumpsuit/

Emran Ahmed

Hello Giafranco Cuevas,

Seems your theme have many customization for product variation. Could you please provide your theme to give you an override?


Ahmed Ehsaan

Hi Giafranco,

Upload your theme in Dropbox and send us the link or you can email us here: [email protected]

Thank you

Done, you can now download the theme with the link I sent to the email you provided. Can you specify me what change you did? I will replicate them, I don’t want to loose any configuration, i made changes to some files inside the theme. I also provided the sftp credentials, you can make the changes from there if you want, the theme is called trackstore

Ahmed Ehsaan

@Emran bro,

Here is the file: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/gg2djn5kqzza5ck5kp23q/themeforest-21017207-trackstore-an-urban-sportswear-shop.zip


Thank You

Hi guys, the domain was changed, now we are using a temporary domain: http://48l.c58.myftpupload.com/  , but the credentials are the same.

Thank you, it looks great.

But there is still a problem, I can’t click any option, it does not select the attribute and i can not add the product to the cart. Can you help me with that please?

Kaiser mahmud

Hello Giafranco Cuevas,

This error came from your payment gateway, Enable HTTPS then it will be ok.