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Custom URL for the variations?

Paul Carter

I’m not quiet sure how to word this, but I’m going to do my best!

Is it possible to add the variations to a specific part to my website (versus on the product page)?

Example: Let’s say on my SIDEBAR, I want to add a spot where it’d have something like:
[picture of a computer monitor] [color 1][color 2][size 1]size 2][add to cart button] [picture of a computer keyboard] [color 1][color 2][size 1]size 2][add to cart button] [picture of a computer hard drive] [color 1][color 2][size 1]size 2][add to cart button]

So under the “computer keyboard”, I click COLOR 2 + SIZE 1, I can then click ADD TO CART and it would add all of that to the cart for a specific product (computer keyboard).

So I guess, somehow when I click each variation, it’s the URL for each variation or something?

I really hope that makes sense. It’s the only thing holding me back from purchasing!

Emran Ahmed

Hello Paul Carter,

Thats a great idea, Could you please show me some visual example that I can understand and add those features on next update?

Thank you

Paul Carter

So I did some more digging, and looks like your plugin actually does do what I want (for the most part), it’s in Video #2 on this page:


I basically am wanting people to have the ability to select the size/color then add to cart without the need to go to the “product page” to do all that.

So I guess my big question is… how exactly is that setup? Can something like that be done via widget or the sidebar? I’m using a plugin called TheGrid that shows my products, and it accepts custom HTML/CSS, is it somehow possible to integrate that feature via HTML/CSS?

Here’s what I’m talking about:


I want that exact ability ^ but implemented into a specific area on my website? I’m just a click away from buying this plugin, but I’m afraid it won’t let me do exactly what I’m wanting

Paul Carter

I ended up buying it lol, plus I saw the money back guarantee 🙂

I’ll play around and hopefully can figure it out, thanks so much Emran, appreciate it.

Paul Carter

Yea, think I might go the refund route :/

In the plugin I’m using, there’s a field to enter WooCommerce related stuff but I don’t see how to connect this plugin to it… here’s a video of the options I see:

[video src="http://oooo.ooo/g1.mp4" /]

Ahmed Ehsaan

Hi Paul Carter,

Could you record me your issue using tool like this? https://www.useloom.com
It helps me to quickly figure out issue and squash it with immediately.

Thank you

Paul Carter

Hey Ahmed, thanks for getting back and your willingness to help. Here’s the video showing what I’m attempting to do (but I’m afraid it’ll take too much customizing):


Ahmed Ehsaan

Hi Paul,

We can’t identify your issue watching the video. Please update your site login details in the site details section. We need to inspect your site to know what’s happening inside.

Thank You

Paul Carter

Just updated my info!

So once you’re in the WP Dashboard, on the left go to > The Grid > Skin Builder > INSTAGRAM (Settings) > Select the Size or Color Element > And this is where you’re able to insert custom HTML/CSS.

What I’m hoping, is the ability to take the coding that makes the variations in your plugin, and put it in this little box above ^

I have a feeling it’ll take too much work/coding/time, but fingers crossed!!

Paul Carter

The WooCommerce shortcodes just allow you to easily add a product anywhere…

I’m looking to easily add your plugin anywhere…

Like if the Variation Plugin had a shortcode itself, then I can add that shortcode to a specific area and bam, it’d show the variations. So I think that’s the reason this plugin won’t work for me, because I can’t add something like that :/

Emran Ahmed

Without product it doesn’t show any variation. If you show a product with shortcode variation automatically show with that product.

Paul Carter

Thanks Emran, are you saying it is possible to use Variation Shortcodes for your plugin??