Variations has to be shown in two angles – how?


Hi Support,

My plan is that each button is supposed to show all the item variations as miniature images.

But each of my jewelery variations has to be shown in two angles. Therefore I am wondering, if it is possible to couple both image angles in one button: Each button include one item from two different angles.

Is this possible to do so – or maybe something similar?

If not, my conclusion unfortunately is: I have to spend two buttons to show the first item and two buttons to show the second etc?

(Which doesn’t seems elegant to me).

I hope you can give me an advice how to solve my challenge?

By the way – will you please send me the youtube-link to the one for me and my need most usefull?

Thank you for your help!




Hi Jens,

What you are asking is pretty complex, do you have any website link(s) that are using this exact feature ? I couldn’t seem to find anything close to your need. May be for now, you have use two buttons. But, If I find anything that solves your problem, I’ll definitely give you a ping.