anwar jamal

Refund please

Hello anwar,

Thanks for reaching us. We are sorry for your convenience.

We have spent about 300+ hours to develop the free version of WooCommerce Variation plugin for the community. We are still working to improve them for developers like you in WooCommerce community.

We release each plugin adding detailed support and fixes so that our plugin can work smoothly with popular themes and plugin in the industry. We understand our plugins are not powerful enough to cover entire themes and plugins of market at once. Because there are thousands of WordPress themes in the market and hundreds of themes are getting added to the market everyday. So, we are still adding support of more themes and plugin with our plugins everyday.

We always welcome your bug report and feature request and we appreciate for this as well. I believe, your bug reporting and feature requests helps us to make our plugin more powerful and robust.

So, whenever you face any incompatibility issue. Open a ticket describing your issue in details here: Don’t forget to send your conflicting theme and plugin files uploading in Dropbox or Google Drive. We try to fix them immediately.

The feature of the free and premium version of our plugin is self explanatory. The free version comes with an option to add swatches on the product pages whereas premium version has option enable swatches on the store/archive pages only. The settings of the premium version has been added in the free version with an screenshot. On top of that we have chat system integrated on the site asking for pre-sale questions.

We are maintaining the premium version to fund the development cost of the free version. I believe, you know that more 10k+ people are using our free version of plugin.

In spite of everything, we have refund policy to return your $49 contribution to fund our labour to keep our free project alive. Here is the refund policy: .

Could you read the refund policy again and confirm which condition you have met to ask refund? Our team will review it and get back to you soon.


Ahmed Ehsaan

I’ve refunded your purchase