Hi there,

as u can see on my website https://www.bigballerbrand.eu/shop/ , when u click on a color product preview images doesn t change. How i can fix it?

Thank u,



Hi Angelo,

Sounds like, The color attributes haven’t been configured properly. You can follow this video to setup the color attributes properly. Do let me know how’s that worked out for you. I’d be happy to assist you


Hi Kiron,

attributes works fine, in product page no problem. I need fix in shop page. Cliking on color circle tumbnail preview doesnt change as u can see:



Clicking on black circle image doesnt change.. can u fix it please?

Ahmed Ehsaan

Hi angelo raffaele,

Here you go: https://www.useloom.com/share/998ef8e59ee64466b29d5385874f537f

Thank You

Ahmed Ehsaan

Hi angelo raffaele,

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