Multiple Variations – Question

Plamen Yordanov

Hey guys. I have a question to ask.

I am a developer building an e-commerce site. We have multiple products with multiple variations, incl. Size and Image.

We have a couple of products that have 30+ variations as a type ‘Image’.

Right now, on the front-end, it appears like this: variations.jpg

As you can see here, we have 95 different image variations. We are trying to accomplish this type of view:—in-matching-bottles-562_5087

How do you think we can accomplish this? First, not looking so cluttered. And second, make it easier for the user to select his desired variation.

Thank you in advance for your help. I know you guys are working hard and your plugin is awesome.

Ahmed Ehsaan

Hi Plamen,

You have to apply some css. You have to add a min-height in the variation container and then you can notice a scrollbar like the demo you sent.

Thank You